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If this is your first visit please take some time to explore the open pages of our site. You will be able to learn about who we are and our approach to community development, building collaborative partnerships, and practical solutions to the risk of violence and social disorder driven by ideology.

Our student and graduate pages are restricted, but you can get an overview of our training modules and courses by visiting our Courses section. I am really pleased to announce that we are now able to bring our learning to more and more people.

Taploma is an exciting new learning portal that enables us to bring our courses to more and more people - individuals can now subscribe to our Safeguarding Against Radicalization course; and organisations looking for a cost effective learning solution are able to customize the course and platform to deliver a integrated learning support prorgamme building on the RecoRa course.

Have a look at the video below and let us know what you think.

Yousiff Meah

Yousiff Meah

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Yousiff Florey-Meah

Chief Executive

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